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Sam 3 Mar - 15:11

Why do these laws that we want Arab people to apply are not tried to be applied on
other communalties ?
The British brings exotism in their daily life by speaking english, he changes their usual moments while when the Arab speaks its language, it is to insult or to prepare an attack ?
Why so such inequality ?
Why Caucasians don't accept the Arabic language ?
Why when an Arab speaks Arabic, he is told to shut up ?
« Because we do not understand what he is saying ! » some will tell me. BUT Why when the Russian speaks Russian y'all say nothing ?! Why when the Latino speaks Spanish y'all are charmed ?! Why when the American speaks American y'all stay dreamy?! Whereas as much as you are, you are worthless in these languages!

Y'all want us to speak your language in your country. But y'all refuse to speak our language in OURS (our countries). Y'all expect us to understand you. And it is normal for y'all, of course. It is normal that y'all feel superior. It is normal that the other has to bend over backwards. It is normal that the other has to adapt to y'all ! It is normal, y'all pay (in their countries) ! Will y'all tell me. Know, that your normal is not mine. It is not normal that we have to adapt wherever and especially at y'all home whereas y'all do not make nor act a hundredth of what we do every single day. Know that, consciously or not, y'all want to suppress the freedom of expression of an entire people.
Know that y'all will not succeed. For, before your language, worldly, my language is more spoken.

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