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Date d'inscription : 16/09/2017
Age : 21
Dim 22 Oct - 18:46
This is my beginning
This is my thing
Ain't got no time to speak
No time for buffooneries
I have a message to spread
But I'mma limit the speed

I have to tell y'all things
But I'll not give you all the pieces
I think that every thing has its time
And its place in my mind

It is late night
And I am here, I write
Don't worry about me
This is the best I can be

I've always had to act assertive
But not too much
Cuz for a girl, it's synonym o bitch
Well, i think that I have the guts
Cuz I don't have time to play
I came here to slay

A lot of thing to say
Don't know where to begin
That's why I wrote this again and again
Cuz I wanted it to be ready

I don't make perfect rhymes
But it is my way to depress
To express my loneliness
That's why i take my time

Boy, Girl, or whatever
I'm trying to fly
Not to cry
Thank God i know it's not over


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